Federal research funding expected to rise modestly

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Physics Today

By: David Kramer

Cuts in discretionary spending that were due to take effect on 1 January were averted with the Senate's passage of the Bipartisan Budget Act on 18 December. Instead, fiscal-year 2014 spending will rise slightly from last year’s level, to $1.012 trillion. The compromise splits the $90 billion difference between the House- and Senate-passed budgets. Nondefense discretionary spending will increase 4.5% from its current, sequestered level, to $491.8 billion.

Working with a common top-line number, appropriators on both sides of the Capitol were finally able to begin drafting their respective omnibus spending bills for FY 2014, which began last 1 October. Most of the individual appropriations bills that fund research agencies have been drafted by House and Senate appropriations subcommittees, but the figures they contain will have to be adjusted up or down to fit within the agreed budget cap. 

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