Research and the Economy



Science-driven innovation fuels America’s economic growth

basic research performance by sector pie chart - section 2American industry depends on the steady pipeline of knowledge, discovery and innovation that flow from the federally-funded scientific research that is conducted at universities across the nation.   The U.S. economy depends on the ability of American industry to use this innovation to create new technologies and new jobs.

Since World War II, federally-supported science-driven innovation has fueled as much as half of all economic growth in the United States.  It spawned the biotech and semiconductor industries; gave us tools like the laser, GPS and MRI; and through the World Wide Web and the Internet, has entirely changed the way we communicate and conduct commerce.

There are countless measures of the payback on America’s public-private system of research; consider just a few:

It simply doesn’t make sense to arbitrarily and drastically cut funding for the fundamental research that fuels American innovation at the very time the United States is trying to spur economic growth and job creation.  Deficit reduction requires a more balanced approach.