Sequester Cuts in Alabama

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WVTM-TV Alabama's 13

By: Linda White

From the unemployment office, to the IRS, to medical research, if an Alabama agency or department receives federal dollars, it and the people who use its services are likely impacted by the across the board federal budget cuts called the sequester.

Alabama Department of Labor, Tara Hutchison said, "It's a change, it's a cut in benefits which obviously no one likes to experience."

UAB Cancer Center Director, Dr. Ed Partridge said, "We have the potential, if this continues, to lose some really brilliant minds that are out there."

Jefferson County Child Development Council Executive Director, Cassie Harris said, "When I get to thinking about how the families feel, I know that it is a difficult time for them."

The list is long of agencies and services that were cut nationwide. Those in yellow - are cuts made affecting services in Alabama. The White House breaks it down into seven categories that affect the very young, college-age and seniors in addition to government employees who will experience furloughs this summer.

Estimated Alabama dollars lost - 300 million. More than 75 thousand people: employees, students and those who use specific services will feel a direct brunt of the cuts. That includes 27-thousand military personnel who will be furloughed.

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